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When it comes to hammocks, quality matters. Quality can affect your entire hammock experience. So Pacific Hammocks has ensured that the quality of our hammocks and hammock products is as high as it possibly can be so that when Pacific Hammocks becomes synonymous with high quality, great value hammocks around Australia.

The quality of a hammock is largely dependent on its craftsmanship and the material used in its creation. Pacific Hammocks insists on working with those hammock artisans and manufacturers with a proven track record within the hammock industry and it shows in our products. All wooden materials used are FSC certified and all textiles are of the highest quality and sourced responsibly.

Traditional Hammocks

Traditional Brazilian Cotton Hammocks are tightly woven with high quality cotton thread to prevent colours from running. These hammock are hand-woven in traditional wooden handlooms, with the harness made from braided rope. The long fibres of our cotton fabrics make them extra soft and durable, allowing colours shine. High-quality, soft to the touch, lint-free, durable, and easy to clean.

Our products use more suspension ropes than our competitors which provide a larger surface area to lie on. The weight is distributed better along the ropes which results in optimal comfort. Individual ropes pull against each other to produce a grid-like design, thus eliminating the need for knots within the rope bed itself.

Spreader Bar Hammocks

Our Quilted Spreader Bar Hammocks are made from two layers of polypropylene and quilted inside with polyester wadding, which is recycled. The wooden spreader bars are quality, responsibly sourced hardwood and the O-rings are rust-proof zinc.

Pacific Hammock’s fast drying, outdoor material is resistant to mould, mildew and UV-damage. Plus it’s machine washable, so you can rest easy. Our unique, weather-resistant material was specially developed for the requirements of outdoor hammocks. It’s easy to maintain, quick-drying, colourfast and resistant to mould and mildew damage.

Weaves are an integral part of our business. Be it on, with rope or fabric. Intricate, meticulously crafted weave with or without fringes, each of our hammock designs can get unique because of its being with or without a spreader bar, thus leading to a variety of changes in weaves and patterns not only on the hammock but also the harness.

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