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Chain Hanging Kit


This heavy-duty Chain Hanging Kit allows for a safe and secure way to hang your hammock from trees or wooden posts, with the ability to adjust the length so your hammock hangs at the height that fits your needs.

The Chain Hanging Kit makes includes all the necessary hardware to hang your hammock and using the chain links to adjust your length. All the parts – two eye bolts with hooks, two pieces of chain, and two S-hooks – are zinc-coated to help prevent corrosion and allow for longer usage.

In stock


Features :

  • Includes two eye bolts with hooks, two 14 link sections of chain, and two S-hooks.
  • Specially designed to safely hang your hammock from trees or wooden posts.
  • Each chain has 14 links, so you can adjust your hammock to your optimal hanging height.
  • All hardware included in this kit is zinc-coated to withstand the elements of nature.

Designed for :

  • Weight Capacity : 200kg
  • 12 month warranty
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