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Eco-Friendly Hammock Tree Straps (2 pack)


Wrapping around trees, posts or beams, these Eco-friendly Hammock Tree Straps are convenient, compact and easy to use. All-weather nylon and stainless steel S-hooks and O-rings provide a long-lasting, durable and safe way of hanging your hammock. Each straps is 3 metres long and can be hung in a number of customisable ways, providing plenty of options to hang your hammock at differing heights and between a range of different spaces.

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  • Materials: Nylon, Stainless steel
  • Includes: 2 x 3 metre hammock tree straps, 2 x steel O-rings, 2 x S-hooks
  • Save your trees and posts without having to drill holes or make marks
  • Wrap the straps around a tree, post or beam & insert the S-hooks into the folded end of the strap
  • Hang any type of hammock to the s-hooks
  • Adjust the height of your hang on length of your space
  • 200KG Capacity

How to use

Choose a strong tree or a sturdy firm object. Holding the end with the loop, wrap the Hammock Tree Strap around the pole/tree, slide fabric end through the O-ring and wrap back in the opposite direction around the tree or post. Continue wrapping the strap around the pole/tree until the appropriate length is met. Feed the fabric end over and through the O-ring and  pull tightly. Keep wrapping through the O-ring if a shorter strap is needed.

Once the appropriate length is reached, attach the ‘S’ hook through the fabric loop and hang your hammock to the S-hook. Repeat this procedure on a 2nd pole/tree. Hammock Tree Straps are the ultimate hammock accessory for camping, backpacking, hunting, travelling and backyards.

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